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What is an SAP Developer, and What Abusiness SAP developers can do for you?

August 14, 2023

An SAP developer creates solutions to guarantee server and system optimization for a business. By offering software that can automate billing, data input, invoicing, and other data processing tasks within a firm, they aid in optimizing work processes. Many large businesses utilize SAP software to store and handle financial, sales, purchasing, and production data. SAP programmers ensure that business applications run without hiccups and troubleshoot any issues.

SAP Developer

At Abusiness, our SAP developers can help your organization optimize and streamline its SAP integration application portfolio. Our team of experts can provide custom development, integration, migration, and support services to help you make the most of your SAP investment. We can assist you in implementing SAP S/4HANA, and C/4HANA, creating SuccessFactors/ADP interfaces, or just supporting SAP CPI.
In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects related to SAP Developer. We will discuss about the SAP Developer:

  • Job Description
  • Certification
  • Skills
  • Salary and Career Prospects

Job Description

An SAP developer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining software applications using the SAP platform. They collaborate with functional teams to gather requirements, analyse business processes, and develop solutions for business needs. The job involves programming, testing, debugging, and documenting software changes. The SAP developer also provides technical support and troubleshoots issues related to SAP systems. The role requires knowledge of programming languages such as ABAP, Java, or Python and familiarity with SAP modules such as FICO, MM, or SD. Additionally, SAP developers must stay up to date with the latest developments in SAP technology and continuously improve their skills.


As an SAP Developer, there are several key responsibilities that are expected of you. Some of these responsibilities include:

Develop and maintain SAP software

The primary role of a SAP developer is to develop and maintain software applications using the SAP Platform. They must have knowledge of programming languages such as ABAP and Java, as well as familiarity with SAP modules such as FICO, MM, or SD. They are also responsible for coding, testing, debugging, and documenting software changes.

Analyse and troubleshoot technical issues

Another key responsibility of a SAP developer is to analyse and troubleshoot technical issues related to SAP systems. They must have a strong understanding of SAP modules and integration between modules. They should be able to provide technical support and resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams

SAP developers must collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, analyse business processes, and provide solutions. They work closely with functional teams to ensure that the software they develop meets business needs. Strong communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a team environment are also essential for success in this role.

Overall, a SAP developer must have the necessary education, knowledge, and skills to succeed in the role. Early degrees in computer science or engineering are often required, as well as experience in SAP or ABAP development. The compensation for SAP developers varies depending on the employer and location, but is generally competitive. To apply for SAP developer jobs, candidates can search online job boards or consult with a SAP consultant for resources and advice.


SAP developer certification is a valuable asset for professionals seeking to advance their career in SAP development. SAP offers a range of certification programs designed to validate a developer's knowledge and skills in using SAP technologies and applications. The certification programs cover various SAP modules, including ABAP development, technical integration, and system administration.

Taking an SAP certification course validates your proficiency in utilizing platforms and products created by SAP. These include items for managing the supply chain, the customer experience, human resources, and financial planning. SAP certifications come in three different levels: Associate, Professional, and Master.

SAP Certification

Types of Certification

SAP Developer certification is essential for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in SAP technologies. The certification program assesses a developer's skills, knowledge, and experience with SAP software development. There are three types of certifications for SAP Developers:


This entry-level certification validates a developer's foundational knowledge of SAP software development. The certification focuses on the basic skills and concepts required for SAP software development. It is ideal for early career professionals or recent graduates with a computer science degree.

Associate level certification badge


This certification is intended for SAP developers with several years of experience in the field. It validates a developer's advanced knowledge of SAP software development and demonstrates their ability to work on complex projects. The certification covers various topics such as ABAP development, SAP technical consulting, and SAP application development.

Professional level certification badge


This is the highest level of SAP Developer certification. It is designed for developers who have extensive experience in SAP software development and have demonstrated exceptional skills in the field. The certification focuses on advanced SAP topics, such as advanced ABAP development, SAP architecture, and SAP project management.

Master level certification badge


SAP developers need to have a variety of skills to be successful in their jobs. They should have a deep understanding of the SAP software and be able to create and modify applications using various programming languages such as ABAP, Java, and SQL. They should also have strong problem-solving skills to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. Good communication skills are essential as they often need to work with other developers, project managers, and clients. A strong foundation in computer science, particularly in software engineering, is necessary, and having a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field is usually required. Additionally, they should stay up to date with new technologies and best practices related to SAP development to remain competitive in their field.

Skills of SAP Developers

In terms of IT, SAP Developers should have Technical as well as the Soft Skills:

Technical Skills

As an SAP Developer, several technical skills are essential for success in the role. Some of the key technical skills that an SAP Developer should possess include:

SAP Development Tools

SAP Development Tools technical skill is a crucial competency that every SAP developer should possess. As a developer, having expertise in SAP Development Tools means using SAP's development environment and tools to create custom applications and solutions to meet business needs. SAP Development Tools is a suite of technologies that include the ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) language, SAP HANA database, and SAP Fiori user interface (UI). ABAP is the programming language used to develop and customize SAP applications. SAP HANA is an in-memory database that provides real-time analytics and processing of large volumes of data. SAP Fiori is a collection of UI technologies allowing developers to create modern, responsive, intuitive user interfaces.

Programming Language

Programming Languages are a crucial technical skill for SAP developers. SAP developers must have the necessary knowledge and skills to develop custom solutions using programming languages that integrate with SAP systems. Some popular programming languages SAP developers use include SAP HANA, Java, Node.js, Python, SAPUI5, HTML5, ABAP, and JavaScript.

Database Management

Database management is a critical technical skill that SAP developers should possess. An SAP developer with a good grasp of database management can help design and manage the databases that power SAP systems.

Database management involves creating and maintaining the databases that store the data used by SAP applications. A SAP developer who specializes in database management must have a thorough understanding of SQL (Structured Query Language), the language used to manage databases.

They should also have knowledge of various database management systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2, which are commonly used in SAP implementations.

Soft Skills

In addition to technical skills, SAP Developers should possess certain soft skills that enable them to work effectively in a team and with clients. Some of these soft skills include:


Effective communication skills are essential for SAP developers, as they often work with different teams and stakeholders, including business users, project managers, and other developers.  

SAP developers should be able to communicate effectively with others, both verbally and in writing. They should be able to explain technical concepts in a clear and concise manner, without using technical jargon that can be confusing to non-technical stakeholders. They should also be able to actively listen to others and ask questions to clarify requirements, issues, or concerns.


SAP Developers should be able to identify and analyse problems, and develop creative solutions that address the root cause of the issue. As an SAP developer, possessing problem-solving skills is crucial for success. The ability to identify and solve complex issues in a timely and efficient manner can help ensure the smooth functioning of SAP applications and systems.

Time Management

Time management is an important soft skill that SAP developers should possess. Effective time management ensures that developers can complete their work on time, meet deadlines, and keep up with the fast-paced demands of the job. SAP developers should be able to prioritize tasks, manage their workload, and plan their time efficiently to maximize productivity.

Salary and Career Prospects

SAP developers are highly sought after due to their specialized skills and knowledge of SAP systems. The salary prospects of SAP developers are quite lucrative, and the career growth opportunities are immense.

Asan SAP developer gains more experience, they may progress to higher positions such as SAP technical lead, SAP project manager, or SAP consultant. They can also choose to specialize in specific SAP modules such as SAP HANA, SAP CRM, or SAP SCM. This specialization can lead to higher-paying positions and more challenging projects.

SAP Career Hierarchy

The career prospects for SAP developers are excellent due to the increasing demand for SAP systems in the business world. As businesses continue to adopt digital technologies, the need for SAP developers is likely to grow. SAP developers can work in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and government agencies.

Average SAP Developer Salary

The salary of SAP developers may vary based on several factors such as experience, skill set, location, and the company they work for. According to Glassdoor, the average base salary of an SAP Developer in the United States is around $97,000 per year. However, salaries can range from $75,000 to $127,000 per year, depending on the aforementioned factors. Moreover, SAP developers may also receive additional benefits such as bonuses, health insurance, and retirement plans. The average salary is defined on the basis of following mentioned factors:

Based on Location

The average salary of an SAP Developer varies based on location, as well as experience, education, and other factors. Generally, salaries for SAP Developers are higher than the average software developer’s salary due to the specialized nature of the role. Here are some average salary ranges for SAP Developers in different locations:

  • United States: $95,000 to $120,000 per year
  • India: INR 600,000 to INR 1,000,000 per year
  • United Kingdom: £50,000 to £70,000 per year
  • Australia: AU$90,000 to AU$130,000 per year
  • Germany: €60,000 to €85,000 per year

It's important to note that these salary ranges are just averages and can vary based on a variety of factors. Additionally, companies may offer other benefits such as bonuses, stock options, and retirement plans that can also affect overall compensation.

Based on Experience

The average salary of an SAP Developer varies based on their experience level. According to PayScale, an SAP Developer with less than one year of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of around $64,000 per year. Those with 1-4 years of experience earn an average total compensation of around $81,000 per year, while those with 5-9 years of experience earn an average total compensation of around $99,000 per year. The average total compensation for an SAP Developer with 10-19 years of experience is around $117,000 per year, while those with more than 20 years of experience earn an average total compensation of around $124,000 per year.

Career Progression

The average salary of an SAP developer varies based on their career progression and experience. Typically, an entry-level SAP developer with 1-4 years of experience can earn an average salary of around $72,000 per year. With 5-9 years of experience, an SAP developer can expect to earn around $92,000 per year, while a senior-level SAP developer with 10-19 years of experience can earn an average salary of around $117,000 per year.

Need an SAP Developer for your business?

ABsuiness an SAP Integration Consultancy company can provide experienced and skilled SAP developers to meet your business needs. Our developers have extensive knowledge of various SAP modules and can deliver customized solutions tailored to your requirements. We offer full-cycle SAP development services, including consulting, design, development, testing, and deployment. Our team is proficient in the latest SAP technologies, such as SAP HANA, SAP Fiori, and SAP Cloud Integration, ensuring that we can deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions. With ABusiness, you can expect high-quality and efficient SAP development services that will help your business achieve its goals.

ABusiness Tech

Abusinesstech is an SAP Integration Experts for Cloud, On-Premises, and Hybrid systems. Here at ABUSINESS, we have repeated the success stories for several Fortune 500 companies.

Who are we?

We are an SAP silver partner specializing in managed services for optimizing and maximizing the value of SAP Integration application portfolios. With 34 implementations under our belt, we have developed a powerful solution that can revolutionize the way businesses operate. Our DOST Add-on®️ tool is designed for IT professionals who need to deliver projects on time and with minimal risk. It simplifies the process of managing SAP Integrations, whether it involves implementing SAP S/4HANA, C/4HANA, creating interfaces with SuccessFactors/ADP, or providing support for SAP CPI. Working with us means access to cutting-edge technology and expertise to drive business success.

Silver Partner of SAP

What we do?

We Specialize in SAP Cloud, On-Premises, Hybrid SuccessFactors, and S/4HANA Integrations with Subject Matter Expertise in SAP BTP, Integration Suite, CPI, API Management, and Process Orchestration.

Within the SAP industry, we provide a full range of services.

Our core offerings include: SAP Integration Development (Done-for-you), SAP Integration Upgrades/Migrations, SAP Integration Audits, SAP Integration Testing, SAP Integration Ongoing Maintenance and Support+ Consulting Integration Advisory.

Why work with us?

Abusinesstech is a leading SAP Integration consultancy company that offers innovative and effective solutions to businesses seeking to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. Our team of experienced SAP consultants has a deep understanding of SAP technologies and can help your organization leverage them to gain a competitive advantage in your industry. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. By working with Abusinesstech, you can expect a collaborative partnership, timely delivery of solutions, and exceptional customer service. Let us help you optimize your SAP integration and take your business to the next level.

What are the responsibilities of an SAP Developer?

SAP Developers are responsible for designing, developing, and implementing SAP applications and technologies. Their main role is to write and maintain SAP software, using programming languages such as ABAP, which is specific to the SAP platform. They work on different projects and collaborate with various resources to ensure that SAP applications are tailored to the client's needs.

How can I become a successful SAP Developer?

To become a successful SAP developer, you need a combination of education, skills, and experience. A degree in computer science or engineering can provide a strong foundation, but it's not always necessary. It's more important to have a solid understanding of SAP technologies and development skills like ABAP. SAP provides a variety of resources to help developers stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and applications.

Consider starting as a consultant SAP developer to gain experience and build a portfolio of successful projects. As you gain experience, you can progress to more senior positions, such as SAP technical manager or SAP consultant. Research potential employers to find the best fit for your career goals and salary expectations. With the right skills and experience, a career as a SAP developer can be both challenging and rewarding.

What types of SAP Developer certifications are available?

There are three different level of certification: Associate, Professional, Master. The most popular certification for SAP Developers are the

  • SAP Certified Development Associate-ABAP with SAP NetWeaver certification, which focuses on ABAP development skills
  • SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP HANA
  • SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Integration Suite  
  • SAP Certified Development Professional - ABAP for SAP HANA
  • SAP Certified Development Associate - Business Intelligence with BW 7.5 on HANA
  • SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.5
  • SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP S/4HANA Cloud (public cloud edition)
  • SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA 2.0
  • SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7
  • SAP Certified Development Professional - ABAP for SAP HANA
  • SAP Certified Technology Associate - Process Integration with SAP NetWeaver 7.5
  • SAP Certified Development Specialist - ABAP for HANA

What are the essential technical and soft skills required for an SAP Developer?

SAP developers require a combination of technical and soft skills to succeed in their positions. They need to have a deep understanding of SAP technologies, such as ABAP, as well as computer science principles and software development methodologies. A degree in engineering or computer science is typically required for SAP developer positions, and applicants should have knowledge of business processes and data management.

Strong problem-solving and communication skills are also necessary to work collaboratively with other developers and consultants. SAP developers should be comfortable working on projects independently and as part of a team. They should stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and continuously improve their knowledge and skills. SAP developer jobs offer excellent compensation and career growth opportunities.

What is the average salary of an SAP Developer and what are the career prospects?

The average salary of an SAP Developer is around $86,000 per year in the United States, according to Glassdoor data. However, salaries may vary depending on the location, employer, experience, and specific skills. As for career prospects, the demand for SAP Developers is high due to the increasing number of companies adopting SAP technologies.

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Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)

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