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SAP Integration Testing: Comparison of testing types applicable to SAP Applications

August 4, 2023

Every business focuses on its software application abilities and its utilization. It is also significant for businesses to comprehend integrated the testing procedures - guaranteeing that there is adequate software application execution, versatility and availability for the end users to carry out everyday business tasks productively.

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Unit, Functional, End to End, Integration, Regression and Volume Testing are some of the relevant Testing types applicable to SAP business applications and are discussed here in detail.

Unit Testing

Unit Testing is an approach to programming development.

  • Via Unit Testing Integration and user acceptance tests created.
  • It is also known as white-box testing and mostly performed by the developers.
  • Junit & TestNG frameworks are mainly used for Java-based Unit Testing and N unit for .net based applications.
  • It is performed first as compared to other testing types.
  • The detection of error is simple in Unit Testing.

Unit Testing is an approach to programming development.

It is typically accomplished for solitary usefulness executed in software modules. The extent of testing is altogether inside the software module.

An example of Unit Testing is, SAP PI/PO Developer testing the Mapping changes independently before engaging broader group for subsequent types of testing.

Functional Testing

Functional testing expels vulnerability over business use cases and brings quality.

  • It checks the individual functionality of an application.
  • It is part of black-box testing i.e integration testing and performed by testers.

Functional testing expels vulnerability over business use cases and brings quality

When Functional Testing is performed, the procedure looks like:

  • Use test information to recognize the inputs.
  • Actuate the result based on inputs.
  • Run test cases via proper inputs.
  • Compare results with the expected results. It both results are matched then it concludes that software functions accurately & the test has passed. If it didn’t match, then it concludes that there is an issue with the software.

An example of Functional Testing is, SAP HCM consultant confirming the New Hires were staffed successfully in S4HANA systems through API.

End to End Testing

End to End Testing check that a framework meets outer prerequisites and accomplishes its objectives, testing the whole framework, from start to finish.

  • It is usually performed after functional testing.
  • Also known for Chain Testing.
  • It identifies issues with sub-frameworks and verifies the complete system flow.

End to End testing

It is mainly performed to identify system dependencies and to guarantee that the correct data is passed between different framework segments.

An example of End to End testing is when SAP SuccessFactors, SAP CPI and SAP HCM resources team up to confirm the end to end functionality of Staffing New Hires via API is successful.

Integration Testing

It is the way toward testing the interface between two programming units or modules.

  • Its emphasis is on deciding the accuracy of the interface.
  • It is also known as black-box testing and performed by the testers.
  • It is performed after unit testing.
  • The detection of error is difficult in Integration Testing.

Integration Testing Graphical Representation

It is performed to guarantee the distinctive software module executions and generally completed after module-level integration is done in software development.

An example of Integration Testing is to ensure extracting data from SuccessFactors systems, converting to ADP format(Automatic Data Processing, Inc., commonly known as ADP, is an American provider of human resources management software and services) and distributing to each business partner using middleware like SAP PI/PO, CPI etc. is Successful.

Regression Testing

It is performed to guarantee that the new code implemented does not adversely affect the existing code.

  • It is time-consuming & repetitive that’s why testing specialist chooses to automate tests to decrease test execution time.
  • It facilitates improvement & advancements in an already existing code.

Regression Testing Graphical Representation

An example of Regression testing is to ensure that deploying of New Enhancement pack for SAP ECC systems like EHP 8 for S4HANA migration will not impact As-is functionality of SAP modules.

Volume Testing

It is performed to evaluate the system performance by increasing the volume of data in the database.

  • It is also known as flood testing.
  • Volume testing subsequently is considered as one of the more significant tests, as it checks the running and execution of a specific tasks.
  • It guarantees your framework is currently prepared to do genuine utilization.
  • It helps in a faster start for adaptability plans.

Volume Testing Graphical Representation

It is mainly performed to check framework execution with expanding volumes of information in the database and to distinguish the issue that are probably going to happen with enormous measure of information.
An example of Volume Testing is when SAP teams will execute end to end scenarios with Actual or highest possible data loads passing through each system to ensure they can withstand the Production usage capacity SAP CPI developer extracting the entire Employee population from SuccessFactors systems to ensure there are no performance, logical or memory issues.


All these types of integrated testing offer tremendous opportunities for SAP enthusiasts. It’s a relatively easy way to break into the highly regarded SAP Consultant arena in methodologies, strategies, planning, and stages of performance testing. Developers or testing specialists need to deploy software changes for their SAP centric components or other application-based solutions regularly. Business process extensions and innovations lead to a significant number of software changes. It is of high significance to deal with this change procedure properly and ensure adequate integrated testing techniques are applied for successful performance outcomes.
In SAP world, we have dedicated QA (Quality Assurance) systems for Testing. Incomplete or no testing can result in software issues but may also affect or break other modules due to SAP’s native cross-modules component integration. Generally, It is absolutely imperative to run SAP solutions through QA checks before deploying it in Production SAP software systems.

SAP Integration Tools

Some of the well-known API testing tools we use are SoapUI, Postman, and DOST Add-On®.

Known API testing tools SoapUI, Postman, DOST Add-on

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Learn detailed information about the various types of testing applicable to SAP business applications, such as unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, regression, and volume testing, with tools and techniques used for SAP integration testing.

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Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)

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