SuccessFactors Full suite Integration including RCM, ONB, EC, LMS, ECP etc.

Our managed SuccessFactors Integration services are designed to help your organizations use smart, efficient ways to optimize and generate more value from the SuccessFactors application portfolios.

SuccessFactors Integration Tools

Our SuccessFactors Integration services, specialized with the SAP Cloud Platform, CPI, API Management, Netweaver (PI/PO), Data Services are designed to deliver value throughout every phase of the application portfolio life cycle and to help our clients realize their return on investment through ongoing maintenance and operations. Our approach is focused on delivering value at every stage of the project lifecycle, from testing live integrations to deploying SuccessFactors Integration Add-On.

Live Testing with SAP SuccessFactors

We offer live testing services to help you integrate your SuccessFactors HCM Suite with your other systems. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure the integration is successful and that data is properly integrated and communicated through file-based communication, SAP Fiori, and other integrations.

Integrating SuccessFactors with SAP ERP

We can help you integrate your SuccessFactors HCM Suite with your SAP ERP system. Our team will work with you to ensure seamless integration and that your data is properly integrated and communicated through file-based communication, SAP Fiori, and other integrations.

Follow SAP SuccessFactors Best Practices

Our team of experts follows SAP SuccessFactor's best practices when integrating your systems. We use field mapping, password-protected communication, and an SAP CPI/PI adapter to ensure that your data is secure and the seamless integration.

Get Personalized Support for Your Integration Needs

Our team of experts is available to help you with your integration needs. Whether you need help with a specific integration project or want to learn more about our integration solutions, we can support you. Contact us today to learn more.

To learn more about our SuccessFactors Integration services and book a meeting with our team of experts, please visit our website or contact us directly. Our solutions help companies optimize and generate more value from their SuccessFactors application portfolios by providing audit services, compliance management, and implementation support

Utilizing DOST Add-On for Faster Execution

We deploy DOST Add-on® as a complimentary support tool to enhance our SuccessFactors services, making sure your application management decisions are well informed, you can accelerate SAP implementations, improve IT performance, reduce both costs and risks, and focus on core organizational competencies.

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Proud SAP Partner

ABusiness is partnered with SAP and classified as a professional service provider.

Additional Support for Your SAP Support System


Maintenance, operations, and enhancements.

RICEFW developments

Cross-platform custom "Integration" development.


Integration Testing and migration services.


SuccessFactors Integration Security/Authorization and Governance administration.

SAP Cloud Platform services

Database and system administration including SAP Cloud Platform services.

Implementation Support

Full system lifecycle design, development, and implementation support.

We are SAP Certified

100% of our Resources are SAP Certified in at least one or many SuccessFactors technologies.