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How to use Local Integration Process in SAP CI

August 22, 2023


In SAP Cloud Integration, a Local Integration Process (LIP) is a means to divide a huge integration procedure into smaller, more manageable chunks. This can make it simpler to reuse code and components and to understand and maintain the integration process.

In SAP Cloud Integration, the Local Integration Process is concerned with creating seamless communication between applications and services in a localised setting. It makes data sharing efficient, streamlines procedures, and improves overall operational effectiveness. Businesses that need to communicate fluidly with networked systems would benefit most from this integration strategy.

Steps to create Local Integration Process

Local Integration Process is similar to Integration Process Call in which we can perform the various steps but the only difference is that is is used with the Integration Flow Process in which it is initiated with the Process Call.

  1. Open the Integration Flow in the Edit mode. From the palette Open the Call > Local Call > Process Call. Place the Process Call in the integration flow where you want to initiate the LIP.
  1. From the Palette Choose the Process > Local Integration Process and place in the Integration Editor.
  1. The next step is to connect the Process Call and the Local Integration Process. Open the Process Call and in the Processing tab select the LIP.
  1. Now in the LIP you can perform the various things for now, let us add the content modifier and add something in the message body.
  1. Once you Save and Deploy the Integration Flow you will see the output of the Content Modifier used in LIP.
  1. This indicates that when a message is started in the Integration Process, it initially goes to LIP. It processes all the messages there and then returns to the Integration Process. However, this doesn't imply that during the entire Integration Process, if there are other components like Content Modifier, Message Mapping, and Process Call present, the Integration Process will skip those components and start the Process Call immediately. All the components are initiated in a specific sequence.

Benefits of using Local Integration Process

Some advantages of employing local integration processes in SAP cloud integration are listed below:

  • Processes for integration are easier to read and maintain.
  • Improved component and code reuse.
  • Improved scalability and flexibility of integration techniques.
  • Reduced costs and development time.


In conclusion, for contemporary businesses looking to optimise their operations and improve data-driven decision making, learning the Local Integration Process in SAP Cloud Integration is crucial. Organizations can maximise the potential of their interconnected systems by comprehending the process's components, implementation processes, and advantages. Accepting seamless integration opens the door to increased productivity, fewer complications, and quicker growth.

The importance of implementing effective integration processes increases as firms continue to change. In SAP Cloud Integration, the Local Integration Process acts as a link between dissimilar systems, promoting communication and data concord. Businesses should embrace this process and use it to their advantage in order to remain competitive in today's changing market environment given its ability to revolutionise operations and enhance overall business performance.

Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)
Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)

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Jaspreet is an Executive Consultant with expertise in SAP, SaaS/Cloud Integrations, Cyber Security and Data Science. Jaspreet is hands-On Architect who does Pre-Sales, Solution Architecture, Development, Lead Delivery of Complex Integration programs, Manage disperse teams and Ensure successful Project Go-Live/Goals. He has made a lasting impact on global businesses IT projects including Aflac, Advanced Energy, Donnelley Financial Solutions(DFIN), Dell EMC and many more.

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