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How to use Exception Subprocess in SAP Cloud Integration

September 27, 2023

Understanding the Exception Subprocess

Within SAP Cloud Integration, a specialised component called the Exception Subprocess takes care of problems that arise throughout the integration process. It serves as a safety net, catching mistakes and letting you put predefined plans into effect to lessen disruptions. Businesses may ensure data integrity and keep their operations running smoothly by managing exceptions appropriately.

Key Components of the Exception Subprocess:

  • Error handling: The Exception Subprocess records pertinent information about an error when one occurs. This information may consist of error codes, descriptions, timestamps, and the integrated components that were harmed.
  • Retry Mechanism: Occasionally, exceptions may occur as a result of momentary problems. The unsuccessful integration phase is automatically processed again after a predetermined amount of time thanks to the retry mechanism provided by the exception subprocess.
  • Alerts and notifications: It's important to keep stakeholders updated. IT teams can quickly respond to problems thanks to the Exception Subprocess's ability to start alerts or notifications.

Utilizing the Exception Subprocess: A Step-by-Step Guide

This Exception Sub-Process will create an email and send it to the necessary stakeholders that we will configure in the MAIL adapter if any mistake occurs in the developed i-flow. Therefore, the Support/Monitoring staff will receive an alert email, and they will investigate the problem and correct the error.

Let's say you have the i-Flow below with the name Exception Subprocess. In this case, we ought to develop an exception subprocess. So that the Support team will receive a notification email if any exceptions or errors occur in that flow.

The Exception Sub Process is seen below. Go to Pallets ->> Process ->> Exception Sub Process in i-Flow to build this. It'll appear as seen below.

Then remove End Pallet and replace it with Error End Pallet. Because Error End Pallet sends a continual alert mail to the support staff, End Pallet will end the message. Add the Send attribute in the message flow to connect the receiver with mail adapter as shown below.

Configure the Mail adapter and in the Processing tab of it you can specify you Message.

With this, the creation of the Exception Sub Process is complete. If there was a mistake after this i-Flow was deployed, an alert email similar to the one below would be sent.


Exceptions are unavoidable in the complex integration web. But with the correct tools and approaches, firms may overcome these obstacles without sacrificing productivity or data quality. The Exception Subprocess in SAP Cloud Integration offers a dependable way to deal with errors and keep your integration process on track.

Therefore, keep in mind that exceptional integration is achieved by handling exceptions excellently as you begin your integration endeavours.

A proactive step towards creating a flawlessly connected organisational environment is to include the Exception Subprocess in your integration strategy. Businesses may embrace the future with confidence by utilising this feature because it ensures that their integration procedures are ready to manage the unexpected.

Keep in mind that the digital world is constantly changing, therefore flexibility is essential. Deliver consistent, dependable, and extraordinary experiences to your users and customers by utilising the Exception Subprocess.

Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)
Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)

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