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How to send SOAP Request using the HTTP Adapter in SAP Cloud Integration?

October 23, 2023

The entire concept of SOAP Request APIs that worked fine in SOAP UI, may show some different nature when we call the exact same endpoint in other engine like Postman. So, we need to do some changes in order to call the SOAP request. In this blog we will find what changes are required to call the SOAP request using HTTP adapter.


The world of technology is constantly evolving, and businesses must adapt to stay competitive. In this dynamic environment, SAP Cloud Integration plays a pivotal role in ensuring that different systems within an organization can communicate effectively. However, the process of sending SOAP requests using the HTTP adapter can be perplexing for many. This article aims to demystify this process and provide answers to common questions surrounding it.

Integration Scenario

Let us consider a scenario.

We have a SOAP Server endpoint, and we need to fetch the details from the Server. So in Cloud Integration we can use the SOAP adapter and fetch the details, but what if we need to fetch the details but do not use the SOAP adapter. In that case we will use the HTTP adapter, but using the HTTP adapter also brings some changes which we need to make to the message body and the Header values. Let us see the process step-by-step.

  1. Open the Cloud Integration and create the integration flow with the necessary functions.
  1. Open the Content Modifier and add the necessary Headers to it.
  • Content-Type -> text/xml
  • SOAPAction -> The necessary SOAP action.(I am using the Public API, so did not need the SOAP action)
  1. Use the HTTP adapter and provide the details of your SOAP server endpoint.
  1. Save and Deploy the Integration Flow.
  2. Open your Postman and Run your Integration Flow endpoint.
  1. We can see that we are able to fetch the details from the SOAP server using HTTP adapter.


In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, efficient integration is key to business success. Sending SOAP requests using the HTTP adapter in SAP Cloud Integration is a fundamental step in achieving this integration. We've discussed the importance of SAP Cloud Integration, the configuration steps, and the execution process for sending SOAP requests.

By implementing these steps, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance data exchange, and adapt to the changing technological environment. In conclusion, SAP Cloud Integration provides a robust solution for seamless communication between systems, ensuring that organizations can thrive in the digital age.

Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)
Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)

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Jaspreet is an Executive Consultant with expertise in SAP, SaaS/Cloud Integrations, Cyber Security and Data Science. Jaspreet is hands-On Architect who does Pre-Sales, Solution Architecture, Development, Lead Delivery of Complex Integration programs, Manage disperse teams and Ensure successful Project Go-Live/Goals. He has made a lasting impact on global businesses IT projects including Aflac, Advanced Energy, Donnelley Financial Solutions(DFIN), Dell EMC and many more.

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