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ChatGPT and SAP Integration

August 21, 2023

Understanding ChatGPT and SAP Cloud Integration

Before delving into the details of integration, let's grasp the basics. OpenAI's ChatGPT is an AI language model that leverages sophisticated natural language processing. It serves as a valuable tool for automating various text-based tasks, excelling at comprehending and generating human-like writing. On the other hand, SAP CPI, a comprehensive integration platform, facilitates the seamless integration of diverse applications and data sources.

The Benefits of Integration

A wide range of opportunities for enterprises across industries are made possible by the union of ChatGPT and SAP CPI. Here are several major benefits:

  1. Enhanced Customer Interactions: Businesses may provide AI-powered customer support that replies rapidly and accurately by combining ChatGPT with SAP CPI. ChatGPT can efficiently handle it whether it's answer frequently asked inquiries, giving product information, or resolving problems. Since consumers get prompt assistance, this increases customer happiness and loyalty.
  2. Effective Data Analysis: Companies can analyze vast amounts of unstructured data by harnessing the combined power of ChatGPT and SAP CPI. From textual data, ChatGPT can extract patterns and insights, while SAP CPI facilitates the integration of this valuable data into existing business intelligence platforms. This synergy supports the development of data-driven strategies and decision-making.
  3. Automated Content Generation: Crafting content can be a time-consuming process. Through the integration of ChatGPT with SAP CPI, businesses can automate the creation of diverse content types, from blog articles to email responses. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent messaging across all communication channels.

Getting Started: Integration Steps

Prerequisites: Open AI Account

Integrating ChatGPT with SAP CPI might sound complex, but with proper guidance, it becomes a manageable process. Here's a simplified guide to get you started:

Step 1: Import the Certificates

  1. Open your SAP CPI tenant and navigate to Monitor > Manage Security > Connectivity Test.
  2. In the TLS tab, provide the host name as "". Check the connectivity test, if successfully tested download the certificates.
  1. Navigate the KeyStore in the Monitor tab and Add the Certificate there which we have downloaded. There are two certificates which we have downloaded, we have to add both.

Step 2: Open AI

  1. Navigate to the following link OpenAI to generate the Security Key. Click on Create New Secret Key and copy it in your local notepad.
  1. Our main idea in this is to use the API reference provided by Open AI. You can navigate to the API Reference page through the following link - OpenAI/Edits. You can read the entire blog on this in the given link. Our main idea is to get the Response from the Request .

Step 3: Integration Flow in SAP CPI

Since we'll be testing the Iflow using Postman, create it using the HTTPS sender adapter.

  1. JSON to XML Converter: This will convert the JSON body which we will send from the Postman into XML.
  1. Content Modifier: As in the Request of the Open AI we can see the Headers and the body. We will define those headers and body using the Content Modifier.
  1. Request Reply – HTTP adapter Configurations
  1. JSON to XML Converter 2: Extracting the content from the necessary field requires converting the JSON body received from the ChatGPT API to XML (using XML format makes this process simpler).
  1. Content Modifier 2: This Content Modifier will fetch the Output and store in the exchange Properties and print in the Message Body.

Step 4: Testing the iflow using Postman

Test it in the Postman and you will get the Response.

This simple illustration demonstrates how to use ChatGPT with CPI. It may be quite helpful in creating real-time Iflows, in my opinion.

Additionally, ChatGPT may be used for a wide range of other purposes, such as creating XSLT mappings, groovy scripts, and UDFs that support the creation of Iflows with intricate logic.

Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)
Forbes Technology Council, Official Member (2022)

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